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10/10/18  Dr. Lindsey Shields - Bats, Rats, and Airplanes: Understanding the role of wildlife in emerging infectious diseases through a One Health lens

09/12/18  Dr. Dan Lucey - The Smithsonian Exhibit on Outbreaks and One Health: A Synergy of Strengths 2014-2021

06/13/18  Dr. Cheryl Stroud - Advancing the One Health Movement: Our Ray of Hope for the Future

05/09/18  Dr. Helena Chapman - Using Earth Obervation Data in One Health Applications for Societal Benefits

04/25/18  Dr. Wondwossen Gebreyes - Win-Win: Building Capacity and Making Grass Root Impact Using the Global One Health Model

04/11/18  Dr. Lesley D'Anglada - A One Health Approach to Harmful Algal Blooms

03/14/18  Mr. Tim Stephens - 1918 Influenza: One Day at a Time

02/07/18  Dr. Lorenzo Terzi on the EU and the US, Shaping the One Health Global Agenda Against Anti Microbial Resistance?

- World Bank Report on Operational framework for strengthening human, animal and environmental public health systems at their Interface

01/11/18  Mr. Grant Sizemore from the American Bird Conservancy - Free-roaming cats: a One Health challenge 


12/14/17  Dr. Ellen Carlin - Remember the Animals! One Health and the National Biodefense Strategy

11/09/17  Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner - For One Health and Global Health SecuritySuccess: Every Country Needs an Emergency Operation Center

10/12/17  BREAK! 

09/14/17  Dr. Terry Ryan Kane - Honeybees, Pollinators and One Health - What's the Buzz?

06/08/17  Mr. Joshua Glasser - Operationalizing One Health in the Arctic: Tackling Emerging One Health Challenges in a Regional Diplomatic Forum

05/11/17  Dr. Samantha Rubright - Fracking & Our Health: Is Oil & Gas the Modern Day Big Tobacco

04/13/17  Dr. Jack Shere - One Health in APHIS

03/09/17  Dr. Patrick McGann - Cut, Copy, and Paste: How Antibiotic Resistance Genes Move Between Bacteria

02/09/17  Dr. Will Sander - Pharmaceuticals in Water: A Global Perspective

01/12/17  Dr. Jennie Lane - Livestock, Livelihoods & Human Nutrition: Village Chickens and Other Stories from Malawi 


12/08/16 Dr. Bernadette Dunham - One Health: Engaging in a Multidisciplinary Approach

11/10/16 Ms. Juli Trtanj - What do Marine Mammals, El Nino, and Zika have in common? NOAA's One Health Approach

10/13/16 Dr. Laura Kahn - Physicians, Farmers, and the Politics of Antimicrobial Resistance

6/09/16   Dr. Michael Murphy - Medically Important Antimicrobials in Animal Agriculture

5/12/16   Dr. Keith Martin - The OneHealth-Global Health Nexus- Opportunities for Impact

4/14/16   Dr. Daniel Lucey - Zika Neurologic Syndromes (ZNS) Panepidemics

3/10/16   Dr. Rachel Cumberbatch - The Pathogenesis of Politics

2/11/16   Mr. John Griffin - Wildlife in our Cities - Harmonizing Human-Animal Interactions

1/14/16   Dr. Sam Sander - It Takes a Village, Lessons in Zoo Medicine


12/09/15  Dr. Ken Olden - Integration of the Community into the "Bench to Bedside" Model of Biomedical Research

11/12/15  Dr. Andrew Maccabe - One Health in Veterinary Medical Education - AAVMC Celebrates 50 Years of Service

10/8/15    Dr. Pierre Cartier - Dental Medicine: The Role of Oral Healthcare Providers in Population Health

9/10/15    Dr. Tracy DuVernoy - FDA's International Engagement Regarding Food Safety

6/11/15    BBQ party and Dr. Ade Ojeniyi - One Homo Sapiens, One Animal, One Environment, One Medicine, and One Health

5/14/15    Dr. Will Sander - From Farmer to Veterinarian: Syndromic Surveillance for Transboundary Animal Diseases

4/09/15    Ms. Sharon Jackson - One Health: Food Security, Public Health, and Other  Consequences of Animal-borne Illnesses

3/12/15    Canceled 

2/12/15    Dr. Daniel Lucey - Fighting Ebola in Freetown and Monrovia: Past-as-Prologue

1/08/15    Dr. Carolyn La Jeunesse - Hearts and Minds: Community-Centered Approaches to Crises and International Development


12/11/14  Ms. Emily Thomas - Farm Animal Welfare: How Farm Animal Welfare Affects Your Health and the Environment

11/13/14  Dr. Norman Moore - Antibiotic Resistance: A Global Health Threat

10/09/14  Dr. Joxel Garcia - DC's role in One Health and Ebola Response

9/11/14    Dr. Bob Kadlec - 9/11 and the State of Preparedness

6/19/14    Dr. Mo Salman - Surveillance for Health Events: Reflections and Experience

5/08/14    Dr. Carol Meteyer - Discovery of the First Pharmaceutical Drug to Threaten a Species, an Ecosystem, and the Cultural Traditions of a Continent

4/10/14    Dr Peter Maza - FARVets

3/13/14    Ms. Olwen Huxley - Public and Veterinary Health Impacts of Climate Change: Some Food for Thought

2/13/14    Dr. Michael McDonald - One Health Perspective within America's Threatened Communities

1/09/14    Ms. Anne Roberts-Smith and Dr. Adrienne Dunham - Evolution of Food Defense


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